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so... - natty316

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May 16th, 2010

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08:03 pm - so...
I went to the park for a picnic today to celebrate Kayleigh's birthday, I haven't been on a picnic for like ever and I spent 24 quid on food!

some dog came over and ate my cocktail sausages :-( it was funny at the time though lol and he was so cute so i couldn't be too mad!

my face is really sunburnt actually, i had sun cream but for some reason didn't use it because I was quite covered up, i hope it's not going to be too noticeable at work tomorrow because two other people on my team got sunburnt on their heads, but they're bald so it's quite different lol anyways they got teased about it so hopefully it will have died down by tomorrow!

on the plus side, my face will be quite tanned when it all dies down lol

i really think me and my friends should make this a regular thing over the summer, because it's cheap, gets us out of the house, and gets us together as we don't all always see each other during the week, plus it's so much fun!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: needtobreathe - more time

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